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Theresa Long

I am committed to providing counselling, hypnobirthing, hypnotherapy in a safe, confidential and non-judgemental environment.,

I was originally trained Psychodynamically, however my approach has become more Integrative. I also work in CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)

I have a BSc in Psychology, Diploma in Psychodynamic Counselling (Albany Trust: 1992), Humanistic Counselling and Supervision Diploma (Roehampton Institute 1994), Diploma in Hypnosis and Psychotherapy N.S.H.A.P. (Regents College) 1995.

I specialised in 1990 as a Hypnotherapist and Counsellor. I am able to treat all areas of Addiction, Phobias, Habits and Fears. I have had many successes over the years, ranging from stopping smoking, nail biting and phobias to some of the more complex issues such as panic attacks, post traumatic stress, sexual problems and OCD.

I work with couples (looking at psychosexual and/or relationship issues). I also have an interest in helping young people and teenagers, as a mother of three I am able to be empathetic.

Alongside the other treatments that I am qualified to provide I also conduct courses on Hypnobirthing.

In the last few years I have trained as a Life Coach and am also a Supervisor of Counsellors and Hypnotherapists.

The following are comments made by clients who have experienced some amazing changes in their lives.

I was having a rather difficult time emotionally and at 50+ yrs old was on anti-depressants and medication for high blood pressure. I suffer from panic attacks which are very frightening. It can feel as though a motor bike is kick starting in your chest. Also my normal heart rate was uncomfortably fast, and during an attack it would accelerate even faster. Until you have knowledge of what is happening you could think that you are having a heart attack. It was most uncomfortable. I have been with Theresa, during counselling, when my heart has been jumping from my chest as I was so agitated and she has insisted that I lay down and she has hypnotised me. I cannot begin to tell you how calming the whole process is! And I am moving forward in my counselling, I have been taught strategies and techniques that have enabled me to stave off a possible panic attack. It doesn't always work, of course, but I am working on it, and it works more often than not! Certainly I feel more optimism than I have previously felt. I am quite proud of myself.....................And so is my husband.

We are both grateful that Theresa has provided the means by which I feel that I am able to look forward with anticipation. And that my future is in my control!.

K L -Surrey

Testemonial from "THE TELEGRAPH" 13/9/08

Nail-biting: a digital cure to chew on
Last Updated: 12:01am BST 13/09/2008

Christopher Middleton finally puts his finger on ending a bad habit

Nobody likes a nail-biter, especially when he’s a grown-up man.

I knew that, of course, but it was brought home to me by the woman on the London Underground who recoiled in horror on glimpsing my gnawed fingers, clutching the handrail in front of her face.

Filthy habit: No-one likes a nail-biter
It didn’t seem to matter how many times I told people that bitten nails were the sign of a creative genius and that, if they searched the internet, they’d see I shared my habit with such famous names as Britney Spears, Phil Collins, Jacqueline Kennedy, Lisa Marie Presley, tennis star Andy Roddick and our own Gordon Brown.

Everyone just said I was old enough to know better. So what to do about it? I’d tried willpower (in short supply) and bitter-tasting nail gloss (quite nice after a while). I’d rejected wearing white gloves on the grounds that they’re a bit demeaning after the age of five.

What’s more, with increased national nail length not an NHS priority, I knew I would have to put my hand in my pocket (best place for it, out of sight). The light-bulb moment came when I glimpsed the string of multi-coloured lanterns outside Equilibrium, a multi-therapy treatment centre near my home in south-west London that is dedicated to the eradication of bad habits.

Among the services on offer was hypnotherapy. Did Theresa, the hypnotherapist, think she could cure me of a lifetime’s commitment to digit-desecration? After some preliminary questions (my job, general health, stress levels etc), she lay me down on a couch and switched on some gentle, floaty music.

In the advertisement I had been expecting that at some point things would go all woozy and I would know no more. Instead, I heard everything she said, worrying constantly that I wouldn’t be able to attain the state of semi-consciousness she was steering me towards.

The rest of the time I spent worrying how boring it must be for her to have to act as a sort of spiritual travel agent, staying stuck in the same place while she sent her clients off on lovely, dreamy journeys.

The tactic adopted by Theresa was to plant the notion in my head that I was strong enough to resist the urge to bite. Which, it turns out, I am. After just two sessions of 50 minutes each (at 51 a time), I can now go out in public without having to keep my fingers bunched up in little introverted fists like I used to.

The only down side, perhaps, is that people don’t give me quite as much space on the Tube as they used to.

I used Hypnotherapy for the birth of my first baby with Theresa and found it a really wonderful experience. Antenatal classes were really depressing and frightening because everyone focused on the negative aspects of birth. After visiting Theresa's sessions I was really positive about the birthing process, learnt stragtegies to cope effectively with labour and was able to map out a plan for the birth with my husband so that we were working together as a partnership. I cannot tell you how much I valued my sessions and rather than being frightened of going in to labour I was looking forward to it to try out everything I had learnt. As a result I can't wait to do it again and will definately go for hypnobirthing for a second time - loved the whole experience! It even helps you with keeping calm and positive when the baby is born.

S Vaughan - Sutton


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